Transcription Work

About Transcription Work

Skills of Successful Transcriptionists

  • Typing speed and accuracy | to work professionally 65 WPM is the very minimum speed and 85+ WPM ideal

  • Keyboard familiarity and shortcuts | working the keys and minimizing keystrokes

  • Hearing ability | dealing with volume levels and recording quality

  • Listening ability | receiving content audibly and discerning speakers from one another

  • Critical listening | working through content uncertainty using contextual clues

  • English language knowledge | proper use, spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • Research skills | verification of names, spellings, locations through internet searches

  • Self-sufficient tech support | maintaining a secure and high performing system

      Tools of the Trade

      • Contemporary personal computer | Microsoft operating system 8 or higher required

      • Recent document formatting software | Microsoft Word 2016 or higher required

      • Transcription software (for legal work) | Express Scribe Pro recommended

      • Headset and Foot Pedal | Infinity USB recommended

      • High-speed internet connection


      Free online sites can be great resources for testing and sharpening your English Language skills: